Do you fancy yourself as a writer? Are you knowledgeable about cycling and have a willingness to share your experience with others? 

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If you've answered yes to all of the above questions then you've come to the write place. We are aiming to grow a blog and we're looking for help. 

The blog will include sections such as but not limited to: Location reviews, cycling tips, professional race reviews, training drills, funny cycling stories and accessory reviews. 

We're looking for around 1000 words per post which should be easily achievable in a short period of time when you're writing about something you enjoy. Long gone are the tedious high school & university essay nights where the average writing speed was about 10 words per hour. 

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Please note that once you choose to use your discount your post totals will be reset. For example, you write 3 posts and claim your 25% discount or $10 coupon code. You would have to write another 3 posts to receive the same discount, it can't be carried forward. 

You will receive a discount code upon request which is good for use one time. The discount code is completely transferable and there's no limit to the amount of codes you may obtain provided you supply us with regular posts.

Please also get in touch to propose a topic and post to write about. It would be a shame to spend time working on a nice post only for there not to be any need for it. 

We may ask you to include certain keywords in your posts, more details will be provided when you get in touch.

Your posts may not be posted immediately, however, if approved you'll receive your discount immediately. 

Please get in touch via social media or send an e-mail to: with your proposal. 

Thanks and we hope to hear from you very soon!